I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face


I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face

I See Like You In Yoko Ono’s Place

The Song Is Long Time Ended

But In Eternity The Melody Lingers On

Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry

Me And You, Two For The Soul And Blues

Stardust Until The End Of The World

Talk Of The Town, Moonshadow Desire

On The Road Again, On The Road Again

I Will Follow, Lost, In The Forest Pain


dedicatoria, poesía


To Those Who Resist
Those Who Hold Me And Hold
And Especially To My Soul Women


A Los Que Resisten
A Los Que Me Aguantan Y Sostienen
Y Especialmente A Mis Mujeres Del Alma

A los lectores, followers, likers, commenters…

A Modesto, A Mari, A Eugenio, A Vicen, A Jesús, A Maria Isabel, A Alvaro, A Pablo, A Anabel, A Jorge, A Inés, A Yago, A Carmen, A Diana…

A Manuel, A Carmen, A Pablo S., A Cristina, A Federico, A Carmen C., A Sara, A José Manuel…

A Laura, A Isabel, A …


From Annihilation And Madness
From Disease And Death
From Shadows And Anxiety
From The Delusions And The Panic
From The Alienation And The Absurd
From The Infinite Deformed Mirrors…
From Myself…
I’m Just Someone To Write…


Desde La Aniquilación Y La Locura
Desde La Enfermedad Y La Muerte
Desde Las Sombras Y La Ansiedad
Desde Los Delirios Y El Pánico
Desde La Alienación Y El Absurdo
Desde Los Infinitos Espejos Deformados
Desde Mi Mismo…
Sólo Soy Alguien Para Escribir…