Moon Parties


Blind Charity And A Truncated Orgasm
As Always Harmed Exhausted Science
Huge And Laborious Of The Jar Never Open
After Those Who Dominate or Indifferent
The Consciousness The Sunken Flock Returns
Burned My Power Committed With Care
Offense Is Contagious Demanding Obedience
For The Moon Parties A Soul So Meager
As She Faces The Sun Why Does not She Lose Up
They Flee Empty And Winged In The Form Of A Downpour

Rhythm Of The Waves


Blood That Water The Radical And Alpine
Blight Body Cruel Creature
The Rhythm Of The Waves Matter Or Dead Meat
It Gets Greedy Because of Fear of Intruder
What I Want More With Warrior Mantle
Go up the slope just like a pendent
I Found Alone His lips Comes The Common
If Both Wanted Spread The Bitter Fruit
What I Want More Blood That Denies
What I Still Keep Maybe Is The Checkerboard

Never Ends


Your Lips That Close By Fleeing From The Adjacent
The Source You Drank That The Gesture Finally Explodes
In Similar Sequence In The Great Labyrinth
Tenebrous Consciousness That Never Ends
It Exhausted My Patience With More Fever Ends
Mixing In Your Red Veins And Black Decency
Free And Vital Me Brother All Indolent Text
With Rigor That The Equation Is Installed Be Served
Approach, With As Fleeting A Hurry As A Corner
A Tremor That Starts Gives Rise To Dissidence

Under an Infinite Sky


Impossible Downpour Our Dreams Decide
The Light That Laughs And Declines The Limit, Threshold, Step Later
Latent In The Mist By New Pilot
Surrounded By Absence I Want That You Already Sepas
I Ask Myself Intrigued His Splendent Figure
Under an Infinite Sky My Silent House
Conjugating Verbs Why It Was Wrong
The Soul Is Surely Do not Run Through The Beaches
Even in the despair that advances what the thirst
With Gurus Without Solvency I Was Looking In Their Heat

Different Is Beautiful


Of Unity, How Deep You Or The Future
Strychnine Nipples If It Were Just Freezing
Vile Or Repellent Allusion To Fever
He Did Not Invent The Lack Of Latency
Memory That Imagines Bitter Skin Kissed
Mother So Underwater The Discomfort Spell
Giving A New Meaning That First Remember
Brother Who Loves Brother Elongates An Absent Spindle
The Bread That Does Not Germinate In Frank Discipline
You Have To Give Him In The Chest What Is Different Is Beautiful



Scythe That Extends Him As A Forced Gift
About The Hero First What To Do With What I Live?
Law Rules The Cruel Task Board Will Be Chimera
His Presence Surrounds Me The Shore That Suture
Doubting In The Eaves That Still Excited
Joyful Press A Verse The Rain Was Not Soft
To The Spheres Of Six You Saw Lethal Essence
What Are You Asking Me To The Wall Perched
Praises The One Who Leans Snake Looks
Only Poetry Remained As A Dune That Emerges

A Region Of My Own


Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

Why Does It Always Soft Rain On Me

Even Better Than The Real Thing?

I Have Only A Eagle’s Wing No More

So Walk On, Back On The Chain Gang

I Will Find A Sea, A Region Of My Own

I Cannot Look On Any House My Soul

I Have To Visit The Deep Sky And Seas

Run And Run In The Earth Heaven Hell

Breaking The Law And The Crystal Space


dedicatoria, poesía


To Those Who Resist
Those Who Hold Me And Hold
And Especially To My Soul Women


A Los Que Resisten
A Los Que Me Aguantan Y Sostienen
Y Especialmente A Mis Mujeres Del Alma

A los lectores, followers, likers, commenters…

A Modesto, A Mari, A Eugenio, A Vicen, A Jesús, A Maria Isabel, A Alvaro, A Pablo, A Anabel, A Jorge, A Inés, A Yago, A Carmen, A Diana…

A Manuel, A Carmen, A Pablo S., A Cristina, A Federico, A Carmen C., A Sara, A José Manuel…

A Laura, A Isabel, A …


From Annihilation And Madness
From Disease And Death
From Shadows And Anxiety
From The Delusions And The Panic
From The Alienation And The Absurd
From The Infinite Deformed Mirrors…
From Myself…
I’m Just Someone To Write…


Desde La Aniquilación Y La Locura
Desde La Enfermedad Y La Muerte
Desde Las Sombras Y La Ansiedad
Desde Los Delirios Y El Pánico
Desde La Alienación Y El Absurdo
Desde Los Infinitos Espejos Deformados
Desde Mi Mismo…
Sólo Soy Alguien Para Escribir…


greguería, haiku, poesía, relato

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Markov models must work


On the other hand, this solution is always considered technical. On a similar note, however, this method is never good. The development of e-business would improbably improve compilers.
Our focus in this paper is not on whether hash tables and DHCP can interact to fix this quagmire, but rather on presenting new highly-available algorithms. For example, many systems create agents. Existing ambimorphic and certifiable methodologies use smart» modalities to refine the lookaside buffer. Combined with the development of semaphores, such a hypothesis investigates a novel methodology for the visualization of replication.
Systems engineers always visualize forward-error correction in the place of self-learning information. We view complexity theory as following a cycle of four phases: allowance, management, management, and simulation. Our heuristic stores expert systems. However, this approach is never adamantly opposed. Thus, our framework provides authenticated algorithms.
In this position paper we explore the following contributions in detail.
We argue that Markov models and journaling file systems are rarely incompatible. We propose a novel methodology for the analysis of red-black trees, which we use to disconfirm that interrupts can be made large-scale, scalable, and fuzzy». We explore a system for the intuitive unification of checksums and Web services, confirming that cache coherence can be made linear-time, cooperative, and read-write.
The roadmap of the paper is as follows. Primarily, we motivate the need for IPv7. Along these same lines, to answer this question, we demonstrate not only that the Turing machine and forward-error correction are regularly incompatible, but that the same is true for gigabit switches. We place our work in context with the prior work in this area. Finally, we conclude.



Arquitectura, Carro, Diana, Formas, Números, Ojo

A bird-brain banquet melts bold Mistress Mog
A daring baron pockets precious Mings
A piercing wit would sprightliest horses flog
A wise loaf always knows its humblest crumb
And lessors’ dates have all too short a sum
And let you off from your opinions glum
And loudly sang off-key without a tone
And played their mountain croquet jungle chess
And starve the snivelling baby like a dog
And yet ‘twas he the beggar Fate just flings
As sleeping-bags the silent landscape pave
At five precisely out went La Marquise
Bard I adore your endless monologue
But I can understand you Brother Gog
Do bank clerks rule their abacus by thumb?
Don Pedro from his shirt has washed the fleas
Emboggled minds may puff and blow and guess
‘Ere meanings new to ancient tribes are thrown
Etruscan words which Greece and Rome engrave
Filching the lolly country thrift helped save
For burning bushes never fish forgave
For tea cucumber sandwiches a scone
Fried grilled black pudding’s still the world’s best yum
From playboy Chance the nymph no longer flees
He bent right down and well what did he seize
Her native chauffeur waited in the breeze
He’s gone to London how the echo rings
His exaltation shocked both youth and crone
His nasal ecstasy beats best Cologne
His toga rumpled high above his knees
How it surprised us pale grey underlings
In cognac brandy is Bacardi rum?
In purest cradles tha’s how they behave
In salads all chew grubs before they’ve wings
It’s no good rich men crying Heaven Bless
It’s one of many horrid happenings
Licks round carved marble chops on snails full-blown
Lobsters for sale must be our apologue
Normal one aims to be and share the throne
Nought can the mouse’s timid nibbling save
O Parthenon you hold the charger’s strings
Oh how oh how he hates such pilferings
Old corned-beef’s rusty armour spreads disease
Old Galileo’s Pisan offerings
On fish-slab whale nor seal has never swum
One gathers rosebuds or grows old alone
One misses cricket hearth and croaking frog
One tongue will do to keep the verse agog
Or grinning like a pale-faced golliwog
Platonic Greece was not so talentless
Poor reader smile before your lips go numb
Poor Yorick comes to bury not address
Proud death quite il-le-gi-ti-mate-ly stings
Rejecting ermine to become a knave
Replies like this the dumbstruck brain may tease
Signalling gauchos very rarely shave
Since Elgin left his nostrils in the stone
Socrates watched his hemlock effervesce
Soliloquies predict great things old chum
Staunch pilgrims longest journeys can’t depress
Such merchandise a melancholy brings
Suits lisping Spanish tongues for whom say some
That every verbal shock aims to deprave
That horde of crooks felt they’d more right to own
That suede ferments is not at all well known
The acid tongue with gourmet’s expertise
The bell tolls fee-less fi-less fo-less fum
The colonel’s still escutcheoned in undress
The country lane just thrives on farmyard mess
The fasting fakir doesn’t smell the less
The fertile mother changelings drop like kings
The geneologist with field and fess
The leaning linguist cameramaniac sings
The marble tomb gapes wide with jangling keys
The nicest kids for stickiest toffees crave
The peasant’s skirts on rainy days she’d tress
The roundabout eats profits made on swings
The showman gargles fire and sword with ease
The Taj Mahal has trinkets spice and gum
The thumb- and finger-prints of Al Capone
The Turks said just take anything you please
The wild horse champs the Parthenon’s top frieze
They both are right not untamed mutterings
Though bretzels take the dols from board-room drum
Th’outrageous Thames a troubled arrow slings
Through snobbish growing round her hemline zone
Till firemen come with hose-piped tidal wave
To break a rule Brittania’s might might waive
To one sweet hour of bliss my memory clings
To prove mamma an adult with a tress
Upon his old oak chest he cuts his cheese
Ventriloquists be blowed you strike me dumb
Watching manure and compost coalesce
We’ll suffocate before the epilogue
Were pots graffiti’d over by a slave
What things we did we went the whold darned hog
When dried the terrapin can naught express
When flame a form to wrath ancestral gave
When masons clutch the breath we held on loan
When one with t’other straightaway agrees
Where no one bothered how one warmed one’s bum
While homeward thirsts to each quenched glass say yes
While sharks to let’s say potted shrimps are prone
Whiskey will always wake an Irish hog
With cherry pips his cottage floor is sown
With marble souvenirs then fill a slum
With quill white-collared through his life will jog
Yet from the City’s pie pulled out not one plum

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thieves clamber, unborn
agile pensive sailboat rolls
blankly, burrowing

necromancers ill
numbly, scavengers rise, loud
fiendish answers flirt

hoping humbly, lame
cumbersome starflowers jab
black simple sleepless

songbirds adorn, streams
rattling indolent red preys
squirming, purring plow

noisily oozing
earthworm roars sadly, apple
wailing faintly, moist

Saludos a innisfree1916.

El Quijote en Spanglish


In un placete de La Mancha of which nombre no quiero remembrearme, vivía, not so long ago, uno de esos gentlemen who always tienen una lanza in the rack, una buckler antigua, a skinny caballo y un grayhound para el chase.

A cazuela with más beef than mutón, carne choppeada para la dinner, un omelet pa’ los Sábados, lentil pa’ los viernes, y algún pigeon como delicacy especial pa’ los Domingos, consumían tres cuarers de su income.

El resto lo employaba en una coat de broadcloth y en soketes de velvetín pa’ los holidays, with sus slippers pa’ combinar, while los otros días de la semana él cut a figura de los más finos cloths.

Livin with él eran una housekeeper en sus forties, una sobrina not yet twenty y un ladino del field y la marketa que le saddleaba el caballo al gentleman y wieldeaba un hookete pa’ podear.

El gentleman andaba por allí por los fifty. Era de complexión robusta pero un poco fresco en los bones y una cara leaneada y gaunteada. La gente sabía that él era un early riser y que gustaba mucho huntear.

La gente say que su apellido was Quijada or Quesada -hay diferencia de opinión entre aquellos que han escrito sobre el sujeto- but acordando with las muchas conjecturas se entiende que era really Quejada.

But all this no tiene mucha importancia pa’ nuestro cuento, providiendo que al cuentarlo no nos separemos pa’ nada de las verdá.




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Hello, Dolly
The sky is for You, Dolly
Well, hello, Dolly
It’s so nice to have you back where you belong
You’re lookin’ swell, Dolly
I can tell, Dolly
You’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin’
You’re still goin’ strong
We feel the room swayin’
While the band’s playin’
One of your old favourite songs from way back when
So, take her wrap, fellas
Find her an empty lap, fellas
Dolly’ll never go away again
Hello, Dolly
Well, hello, Dolly
It’s so nice to have you back where you belong
You’re lookin’ swell, Dolly
I can tell, Dolly
You’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin’
You’re still goin’ strong
We feel the room swayin’
While the band’s playin’
One of your old favourite songs from way back when
Golly, gee, fellas
Find her a vacant knee, fellas
Dolly’ll never go away
Dolly’ll never go away
Dolly’ll never go away again.

Sonnet No. 4201739903052


Don Pedro from his shirt has washed the fleas
Through snobbish growing round her hemline zone
Upon his old oak chest he cuts his cheese
That suede ferments is not at all well known
O Parthenon you hold the charger’s strings
That metred rhyme alone can souls enslave
A daring baron pockets precious Mings
Victorious worms grind all into the grave
It’s no good rich men crying Heaven Bless
What things we did we went the whold darned hog
The colonel’s still escutcheoned in undress
Southern baroque’s seductive dialogue
Where no one bothered how one warmed one’s bum
They’re kings we’re mammal-cousins hi ho hum

Raymond Queneau’s 100,000,000,000,000 POEMS. Translated by Stanley Chapman, text according to the Oulipo Compendium, edited by Harry Matthews & Alastair Brotchie, © 1998, Atlas Press, London.