Moon Parties

Blind Charity And A Truncated Orgasm
As Always Harmed Exhausted Science
Huge And Laborious Of The Jar Never Open
After Those Who Dominate or Indifferent
The Consciousness The Sunken Flock Returns
Burned My Power Committed With Care
Offense Is Contagious Demanding Obedience
For The Moon Parties A Soul So Meager
As She Faces The Sun Why Does not She Lose Up
They Flee Empty And Winged In The Form Of A Downpour

Rhythm Of The Waves

Blood That Water The Radical And Alpine
Blight Body Cruel Creature
The Rhythm Of The Waves Matter Or Dead Meat
It Gets Greedy Because of Fear of Intruder
What I Want More With Warrior Mantle
Go up the slope just like a pendent
I Found Alone His lips Comes The Common
If Both Wanted Spread The Bitter Fruit
What I Want More Blood That Denies
What I Still Keep Maybe Is The Checkerboard

Never Ends

Your Lips That Close By Fleeing From The Adjacent
The Source You Drank That The Gesture Finally Explodes
In Similar Sequence In The Great Labyrinth
Tenebrous Consciousness That Never Ends
It Exhausted My Patience With More Fever Ends
Mixing In Your Red Veins And Black Decency
Free And Vital Me Brother All Indolent Text
With Rigor That The Equation Is Installed Be Served
Approach, With As Fleeting A Hurry As A Corner
A Tremor That Starts Gives Rise To Dissidence

Under an Infinite Sky

Impossible Downpour Our Dreams Decide
The Light That Laughs And Declines The Limit, Threshold, Step Later
Latent In The Mist By New Pilot
Surrounded By Absence I Want That You Already Sepas
I Ask Myself Intrigued His Splendent Figure
Under an Infinite Sky My Silent House
Conjugating Verbs Why It Was Wrong
The Soul Is Surely Do not Run Through The Beaches
Even in the despair that advances what the thirst
With Gurus Without Solvency I Was Looking In Their Heat

Different Is Beautiful

Of Unity, How Deep You Or The Future
Strychnine Nipples If It Were Just Freezing
Vile Or Repellent Allusion To Fever
He Did Not Invent The Lack Of Latency
Memory That Imagines Bitter Skin Kissed
Mother So Underwater The Discomfort Spell
Giving A New Meaning That First Remember
Brother Who Loves Brother Elongates An Absent Spindle
The Bread That Does Not Germinate In Frank Discipline
You Have To Give Him In The Chest What Is Different Is Beautiful


Scythe That Extends Him As A Forced Gift
About The Hero First What To Do With What I Live?
Law Rules The Cruel Task Board Will Be Chimera
His Presence Surrounds Me The Shore That Suture
Doubting In The Eaves That Still Excited
Joyful Press A Verse The Rain Was Not Soft
To The Spheres Of Six You Saw Lethal Essence
What Are You Asking Me To The Wall Perched
Praises The One Who Leans Snake Looks
Only Poetry Remained As A Dune That Emerges

Wild Night, Wild Night, Wild Day

—Wild Night, Wild Night, Wild Day

I Still Haven’t Found At All

What I’m Looking For Out There

—To Be Free, Love, Ride Like The Wind

Learn To Fly Every Turn Of The World

Whenever Gods Shines Not His Light

Even The Witch Queen Of Ballesta Street

Charming The Winter Could Snake

Where Even The Nights Are Better

Wraps Herself In Her Dawn Cobwebs

Berlín 1973

Homenaje a Lou Reed, que nació el 3 de marzo de 1943.

Oh Jim and men of good fortune,

Caroline says, How do you think it feels?

Sing a sad song today in Berlín 1973

How do you think it feels, Oh Jim,

The Lady Day, The Kids, The Bed..?

Walk On the Wild Side, Forever.

Snake Eyes

Giving a new meaning
what you’re asking me,
snake eyes,
blood who denies
the cursum perficio
blind charity
Jar never open
hidden in
the bill gates

A Region Of My Own

Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

Why Does It Always Soft Rain On Me

Even Better Than The Real Thing?

I Have Only A Eagle’s Wing No More

So Walk On, Back On The Chain Gang

I Will Find A Sea, A Region Of My Own

I Cannot Look On Any House My Soul

I Have To Visit The Deep Sky And Seas

Run And Run In The Earth Heaven Hell

Breaking The Law And The Crystal Space

I See My Words In Everyone’s Says

I See My Words In Everyone’s Says

In The Edge Of The Land They Are

Be Sure, Our Warm Lips Will Find Out

In The Lap Of The Dear Nymphs

We Could Be So Good Together

If You Wilt Not, Be Sword For Me

I Have Two Hundred Miles To Walk

And With The Valkyries Have To Ride

Deep Rivers And High Mountains

So Let My Sailing Boat Run And Run


In the rest of the world
18 school shootings
in the last twenty years.

In the USA
18 school shootings
since January 1, 2018.

Someone In USA
Hates His Children
More Than Their Guns.

Wake Up!?

I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face

I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face

I See Like You In Yoko Ono’s Place

The Song Is Long Time Ended

But In Eternity The Melody Lingers On

Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry

Me And You, Two For The Soul And Blues

Stardust Until The End Of The World

Talk Of The Town, Moonshadow Desire

On The Road Again, On The Road Again

I Will Follow, Lost, In The Forest Pain



To Those Who Resist
Those Who Hold Me And Hold
And Especially To My Soul Women


A Los Que Resisten
A Los Que Me Aguantan Y Sostienen
Y Especialmente A Mis Mujeres Del Alma

A los lectores, followers, likers, commenters…

A Modesto, A Mari, A Eugenio, A Vicen, A Jesús, A Maria Isabel, A Alvaro, A Pablo, A Anabel, A Jorge, A Inés, A Yago, A Carmen, A Diana…

A Manuel, A Carmen, A Pablo S., A Cristina, A Federico, A Carmen C., A Sara, A José Manuel…

A Laura, A Isabel, A …


From Annihilation And Madness
From Disease And Death
From Shadows And Anxiety
From The Delusions And The Panic
From The Alienation And The Absurd
From The Infinite Deformed Mirrors…
From Myself…
I’m Just Someone To Write…


Desde La Aniquilación Y La Locura
Desde La Enfermedad Y La Muerte
Desde Las Sombras Y La Ansiedad
Desde Los Delirios Y El Pánico
Desde La Alienación Y El Absurdo
Desde Los Infinitos Espejos Deformados
Desde Mi Mismo…
Sólo Soy Alguien Para Escribir…