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  1. They were the five o’clock of the dawn. It had rained and the street appeared devastating and solitary. Augusto had a deplorable aspect when it was shown by the window. In fact everything in him was laborious, lamentable and devastating. A swollen glance and pusilánime and a great nose as a boot along with their extreme belly made feel to which it contemplated an instinctive repulsion to it. One deloused of immense legañas that to him the eyes covered and yawned with laziness. The ragged aspect was very in consonancia with its house. There were tins of beer thrown by the ground, accumulated dirty plates in a washbowl, enlodada lazy mud clothes randomly here and there, sinfín of knicks-knack mixed with food and alcohol bottles. Being inside, anyone could imagine without difficulty covacha of a pordiosero in a corner of a street of the suburb, when in fact it was a house whose outer aspect nobody had imagined the terrible thing, dirty and horrísono that it hid inside.

    Dragging the feet it entered the bathroom and without igniting the light one watched the mirror. It could not support it long time. Escupió in the cup of water but flemas fell in the ground next to a thrown towel. It would have to clean this sometimes, it thought, and it took the first drink from the day with which the mouth was rinsed. To half an hour it had exhausted the bottle. In the stairs one heard the doorman retire the dustbin of the street. It was shown by the peephole, like it always did, and it commented between teeth:

    Damn excrement!

    By the window of the patio it heard like the old one of opposite made his depositions matutinal. A stupid smile crossed its face. Soon it placed the chin to him to “the relative”, who was embedded in the armchair. The relative smelled badly enough. In order to animate itself she took a drink. The varices of the cheeks and the nose were to point to take their habitual reddish and swollen color.

    It went out and it ignited means cigarette that found wire drawing in the sidewalk. Was put it in the lips and put the hands in the pockets. It smiled like an idiot with the inclined head.

    It always was walking to all sites, also to the work. That morning had to go to zone 3 of district 5. Was already known it of memory, today only had to sweep three streets and not very long, in addition, at the
    speed that he swept, would have finished to the two hours and could escape to the Crossbow. So it breathed deep and again a stupid smile filled its empty semblante. It was the face that put when it thought about the teats of Boni, as great as its head. And with the hands in the pocket one caressed the testicles.

    Nine Sundays to the street still is solitary and empty. If not outside of the street cleaners – it thought – the cities would be in favor desbordás of papers, butts and poops of dog, we could not live in them with as much excrement acumulá. It took a newspaper thrown and it doubled it with extreme care, like that doubles a baby savannah, and it introduced it in the pocket of the jacket. Soon it continued sweeping the butts. The dog poops not them mud – it said for himself.

    To eleven and quarter he was ready, according to him. It gave the last one pierced to the butt; it left the shovel and the broom within the small cart and, pushing it, went with diligence towards the Center.

    That day, very warm to be January, more soon finished the daily routine of the customary thing. Alpaca the doorman, was intranquilo of the habitual thing more. Its instinct of ferret said something to him that was not able to include/understand. It returned to raise to the stairs cleaning the banister rails, and stopping a little in each door. Nothing seemed outside the current, nevertheless did not finish brooding. Something indefinite that did not know to explain produced comecome to him. Strange silence. It could not listen to the
    conversations of the neighbors. Nobody seemed to be in the house and nevertheless it noticed an amazing presence. It sharpened the senses. If it could not hear, it could at least smell and to even enter to watch. Since it did not seem to have nobody, it would be the best moment to snoop. And intrigued by the scent that left the house of Augusto, not being able to hold plus the curiosity, it decided to enter to look around. The corpse was conserved better of which it was possible to hope to take smelling as much time, and is that Augusto had learned something of taxidermia, when he was young and it had left to his woman like a bird.

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